Writing a Resume: To Template or Not To Template?

Are free resume templates a viable answer to preparing a
killer resume?

It’s a fact that if your resume doesn’t stand out–both in
terms of content AND appearance– you’ll find it very
difficult to get the job you seek.

Hiring managers get hundreds of resumes for every open
position, but usually have time to interview only a handful
of applicants. So, they’ll scan through the resumes as
quickly as they can, looking for candidates to “jump out” at
them. At best, your resume has mere seconds to make an

The best way to raise instant interest is with an eye-
catching and clean design that enhances your content. Some
people, such as those with experience in graphic design or
desktop publishing, may be able to produce a great-looking
resume on their own.

But most people need a little help. If you don’t have the
innate talent or desire to play around with resume design,
you have 2 basic choices:

* Use a paper writing service reddit resume template

* Hire a professional resume writer

Let’s start with the second option. It’s a great one, if you
can afford it. Pick the right resume writer or writing
service and you’ll get help not only with design, but also
with your content. Plus, a professional can help you zero in
on a well-focused resume for your desired career path, given
your skills and experience. It’s a great way to go, but it
can be pricey.

If you can’t afford to spend the money right now for a
professional writer (no matter how much value it may be
worth) OR you’re one of those “do-it-yourselfers,” then a
resume template is another way to go. You can buy resume
template software, but it’s not necessary.