Why you should Buy your Band Online

There is more than one reason for you to buy your diamond or band online. Given the advancement of computer technology and 3d visual images for the past 10 years, the shopping experience of buying diamonds online has improved tremendously. It’s truly minimized the ‘touch and feel gap’ between the physical diamond and the diamond you see online via an enhanced 3d visual images video program. Here we will not hesitate and list down why we are advocates of shopping diamonds online.


Other than the huge similarities in shopping experience (minus the pesky sales person), shopping online for diamonds is a highly secure activity. With technology these days, your credit card information is highly encrypted (but be sure to go to the diamond legitimate one that offers secure ordering features). There has got to be a reason why internet sales are increasing exponentially each year right? To maximize the shopping experience, diamonds sold online are verified by reputable agencies such as GIA/AGL to reassure quality, in addition, most online diamond shops even offer you a contributory gift!

Makes sense to save money

Set your finances and spend some time to choose the best value-for-money diamond by extending your dollar! Just think about it, how many physical shops can you visit in one day compared to web stores? You can never beat the record! Shopping online for diamonds gives you the buying power. For example, for an over $2. 5K 0. 5 carat good cut ring in retail shop, you can find another one with good quality on web with the same budget!

Go for variety

How big is a offline diamond shop? 100ft2? 200 ft2? How big is an web store? Greatly big! So is its selections of diamonds and settings! Customize all you have to on the online diamond shop software or simply find a setting or design created by renowned international designers. And did we mention? Colored diamonds such as pink, red or blue hardly found in shops may be common in online diamond shops!

Reducing the middle man

Direct contact with diamond manufacturers and wholesalers from the US, Israel, The us, European through their web stores cuts out the middle man or the retail shop, hence producing a cheaper buy! For example, Bluenile and Diamonds-USA have its diamond manufacturing facility in Israel. So far, US online diamond stores sell fairly cheaper diamonds as they own the largest market and network chains lowering the cost involved and elevating the competitors in the market to consumers’ advantage. In addition, upgrading of your diamond which has always been an option only available for customers of retail shops is now told her i would online buyers of diamond. Hence, if one day you felt that the diamond you bought previously online is too small for you, it is now possible for you to exchange it for a bigger one from the same online diamond shop while retaining 90% of its original price!

WYSIWYG (almost)

Though technology is not so advance to reach concise enabling you to actually touch and think that diamond like actual intercourse on the screen which you are thinking about now, 3d and digital technology have developed enough for consumers to re-think about shopping online for diamonds.