When you are Tired of Pampering Yourself Try Indoor Skydiving!

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The location of the Skyhigh India drop zone allows you to plan an entire vacation around skydiving. The drop zone is located between Delhi and Agra. You can visit the Taj Mahal, that is located just two hours away from the drop zone. Picturesque places like Fatehpur Sikri, the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, the Chambal resorts and many other holiday destinations are all at easy driving distance. Not only is Skyhigh located in a prime location, https://www.jump-tandem.cz/ it is also the perfect place for a weekend getaway from the hectic city life. There is something to do for everyone at Skyhigh. You can participate and even just be a spectator of aero sports activities; the drop zone is as welcoming to viewers as it is to skydivers.

Skyhigh India believes in giving skydivers, their accompanying friends and family and viewers a true experience of an international drop zone. Apart from the training room and lounge area, there is specially designed viewers gallery at the drop zone for those who wish to witness a live skydive. Skyhigh is the perfect weekend getaway, or the perfect holiday plan, you can make a day trip and back, continue your journey to Agra or numerous other places of interest or even stay the night in Aligarh and then plan further travel.

Initially a device used to train skydivers in preparation for the real outdoor experience, since the 1980s indoor skydiving has become a recreational activity available to the general public. Many people seek the thrill of skydiving but are afraid of heights, a phobia which is said to effect as many as 5% of the UK population. As such the practice of indoor skydiving offers an excellent alternative to outdoor skydiving.

Indoor skydiving works through the use of a device known as a ‘vertical wind tunnel’. This instrument allows people to be suspended in mid-air without the aid of a parachute. This incredible feat is achieved by the pressure of wind being blown vertically towards you at a speed of 120 mph, the equivalent of what a human being would experience falling horizontally from an aero plane. The whole experience causes the participant to quite literally feel as if they are flying.

Any discomfort or apprehension you may feel during the event can be easily expressed as you will be taught a number if hand gestures that you can make to stop the process whenever you wish. You will need to wear baggy loose clothing for your own safety, and there will of course always be highly qualified professional instructors on stand-by to ensure you are safely enjoying this unparalleled experience. However, if you suffer from a specific medical condition, it is advisable to check with your doctor before you decide to take up this activity.

Unsurprisingly this style of recreation has become synonymous with the thrill-seeking sport community, but you need not be a snowboarder or paraglide expert to enjoy Indoor skydiving. But while this unique practice is most often performed alone, many couples find it to be an excellent experience to share together. It might not be a romantic candle-lit meal, but it is certainly a special something that you and your partner will remember for the rest of your lives. Increasingly, families are finding Indoor skydiving to be an excellent activity to share with each other. There can be no doubt that this activity has universal appeal to people of all ages.

Going to the spa for a day of luxurious massage, steam, facial, lotion, and drowning in scented oils is what most of us think of when we consider “pampering” ourselves. That does make for a rewarding day but why not consider something you will never forget? Something that will make your adrenalin flow and bring out screams of delight? Then why not give indoor skydiving a try! Can’t get out because of weather or some other excuse? Then you can do it indoors! So no excuses just go have a fun filled exhilarating experience that you will never forget!

Imagine soaring like a bird with no restrictions and a free lightweight feeling that defies gravity and makes you feel like you own the skies. Now you can appreciate that fabulous sensation while remaining indoors and in a safe environment. While floating on air you can experience what it feels like to jump from an airplane, freefall at 120 miles per hour through waves of sensational air and descend in a parachute. All of this fun filled and entirely safe because you are floating on air whilst inside an air tunnel.

Imagine it! Throw yourself into a rush of air that is controlled by experts and contained within a wind tunnel to give all the sensation of skydiving but without the cold harsh winds or the fear of falling. You do not need to train extensively before even getting to try the experience and you don’t need to worry about climbing into an airplane and then abandoning it for your free flight. Indoor skydiving is absolutely the most fun you can have indoors while also feeling the huge thrill of that adrenalin rush like never before!