The Coolness of an Air Force Leather Jacket

If you are thinking of purchasing an air force leather jacket, then you Techwear Style obviously have some fashion sense. Made of either horsehide, goatskin, or lambskin, the jackets are made to last. Ideal for people who ride motorcycles or work outside, the jacket will keep you warm and make you look amazingly cool. Of course it is important not to let narcissism alone lead you into purchasing this garment.

The advantages of Air Force leather jackets:


  • The jackets are made from durable materials guaranteed to give years of use.
  • Patch pockets which have snap locks mean items are safely carried.
  • Inside pockets allow you to keep your wallet close to your heart.
  • The leather is thick enough to keep out the cold and as the jacket ages, the leather softens.
  • The cuffs and waist have strong durable elastic which shuts out the cold.
  • A snap down collar is ideal for those times when you do not need to brace yourself from a chilly wind.


As you see there are quite a few advantages to having one of these jackets. Not only are they a practical garment but also fashionable. Whether you’re riding a motor cycle, driving an interstate semi-trailer or just going out for dinner with the girl of your dreams, donning one of these jackets and you will cover all weather conditions. This is not to suggest that these jackets are only for guys; girls also look wonderfully sexy wearing leather.

Where can you purchase an air force leather jacket?

There are various websites one can visit to find one or more of these jackets. There are many sites that sell an air force leather jacket online. Prices range from $100.00 to over $750.00, so look around well. It is also important to be wary of websites or stores that sell these jackets at very cheap prices; like $30.00 or so. If the price seems too good to be true, there it is best that you ask whether the item is just a cheap copy. Some unscrupulous sellers may try to pass vinyl off as leather, so be careful and shop wisely. Researching and looking online usually takes a lot of time. Finding someone who has done it is a good idea.


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