The Capsule Wardrobe Plan: 7 Essentials for Creating the Ideal Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Does your capsule wardrobe have anything exciting in it?

Imagine this situation…

You’re at home and the phone rings and it’s your best friend, your partner or someone special to you, calling to tell you about an important event that is going to happen within the next couple of days. You want to go but you can’t afford anything new right now and you’re not sure that would be enough time to find something even if you could. Picture your closet right now. Is there anything in there that would be perfect to wear to this upcoming event you’ve imagined?

If not, hang on because this article is the first in a series that will help you change that forever by creating seasonal wardrobe capsules that are perfect for you.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothes in your closet that mix and match perfectly by color and style so that with a relatively small number of pieces, you have the ability to create a month of outfits or more. I recommend creating one for each season, using pieces from the season before to transition into the new one and adding on as you need to when the weather begins to change.

How Many Pieces Do You Need?

Fashion experts usually suggest a higher number but because I have participated in the Six Items or Less wardrobe challenge twice, I know that if your budget is small, you can start with as few as six items and then build your seasonal capsule gradually.

The beauty of capsule dressing is that once you start with pieces that work for you, you never have to start from scratch again. Instead, you’ll always be adding on to what you have already.

What are the 7 Essentials for Building a Capsule Wardrobe?

This article will introduce them and then, subsequent articles will expand on each one so you understand exactly what you need to get started.

(1) Create space for the beautiful outfits you are going to create by getting rid of anything you don’t absolutely LOVE!

(2) Identify your dressing your truth type so you can put an end to all those shopping mistakes. Once you know your type, you’ll know exactly what to buy, instead.

(3) Identify your body type and learn not just how to hide the flaws but how to maximize your assets when putting together your outfits.

(4) Create a signature style that expresses who you really are. You’ll be surprised at how few pieces you need when everything you own is something that works perfectly for you.

(5) Armed with the knowledge you need, Techwear Style create a small capsule wardrobe that works for the season you’re in and identify the transitional pieces that will take you from summer to fall or fall to winter, etc.

(6) This tip is the most important of all: don’t waste your money on anything you don’t love! Let go of “it’ll do” once and for all. But make sure each thing you buy loves you back just as much.

(7) Road test your wardrobe to see if this capsule you have created is right for you before you invest time or money in adding more.

In the articles that follow, I will explain each of these 7 essentials in detail. But don’t wait for them! You can get started on building your summer capsule wardrobe right now by looking through your closet and taking out whatever is not working for you.

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