Invest in Ukraine’s Eagle Valley – He Who Hesitates is Lost!

It’s no wonder that the Ukrainian national anthem is righteously boastful of its ongoing freedom and glory. David Stanley Redfern Limited, an overseas investment property specialist, fervently follows its impressive pulling power which is known to annually attract an astonishing 25% average capital growth!

With its expansive, mountain valley views and virtually unrestricted landscapes, Ukraine is situated to the north of the Black Sea, an ever popular attraction, and the equally admirable yet lesser known Sea of Asov — the world’s shallowest sea! Neighbouring regions Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova and Slovakia accentuate this idyllic region, one of the most naturally formed beauty spots in the world!

Its auspicious capital Kiev is widely recognised as being the industrial, scientific, educational and cultural nucleus of Eastern Europe — the biggest ‘jewel in the crown’ as it were! No surprise really, when you consider its many attractions: numerous bespoke cathedrals, impressive metro system, world famous national opera house and even one of Europe’s top football clubs, Dynamo Kiev.

However, beyond all of this lies Ukraine’s most popular ski resort, Slavsk, a little town populated by no more than 6000 very lucky people! And if that’s not exclusive enough for you, how about snapping up a property just 400m away from the ski lifts in Ukraine’s FIRST off-plan ski resort, the stunning Eagle Valley Mountain Resort. Accommodating novice and advanced skiers alike, as well as all  Invest in Ukraine you snowboard enthusiasts, it offers the ultimate ski package.

Prices start from under £30,000! With a wide selection of properties to suit your individual needs, ranging from studio apartments to 5 bedroom super luxurious maisonettes. Fantastic scenery: it overlooks a breathtaking mountain valley, whilst offering an unbeatable view of the glorious Carpathian Mountain range. And don’t forget that each property has its own balcony from which you can fully appreciate your surrounding environment, which includes the complexes impressive 2 acre stretch of sacrosanct landscaped gardens and parkland, guaranteed to remain untouched! It’s simply mesmerising!

But enough about the outskirts, what’s at the heart of the Eagle Valley Mountain Resort? Practically everything you could hope for! Its facilities include an indoor swimming pool and fully fitted gym, perfect for all you busy bodies out there! There’s a solarium, sauna, Jacuzzi and massage / therapy centre for all the stressed out souls amongst you! And did I mention the cafe and bar, private ski lockers and on site parking Landscaped gardens and Forest Park? All of these fantastic features come with your peace of mind added, as 24 hour security is also included!


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