How to Keep Your English Bulldog Puppy Happy

A lot has changed for the English bulldog puppy throughout its history. These dogs, believe it or not, used to be bred to fight bulls! Their strong and aggressive nature made them the perfect choice for “bull baiting,” though the bulldogs of the eighteenth century were French bulldog puppies for adoption probably larger than the species today.

The English Bulldog Today

Nowadays, your English bulldog is perfectly content being lazy around the house, rather than being a fighter (though he still looks intimidating and makes the perfect guard dog!). Your little pet will be happiest hanging out with you, which is why they are such good companions.

– It doesn’t take a lot to make this breed happy-all he wants is to spend quality time with his owner. Most of them, from the smallest puppy to the oldest adult, love to be cuddled.

– Unlike other breeds, they don’t enjoy long spurts of exercise. Your doggie does like getting exercise, but at a slower pace.

– As a puppy, you can start walking your English bulldog on short walks and gradually increase the distance as his muscles grow.

– Because this breed is prone to overheating, they are happiest exercising outside for short periods of time before coming back in and plopping down on the couch.

English Bulldog Puppy Toys

And of course, there are toys. Your pet may have a love for lounging, but he also loves playing with toys.

– A fun game to play is to put a few knots in a sock (longer socks for larger sized pets) and play tug of war with your dog.

– As puppies, they love this game-but you can also get your adult to play too.

– When buying toys, anything resembling a sock toy can provide entertainment for your pup.

– There are many intricate toys made of cotton used for tugging that you can find in stores. This breed also likes bone toys, like Nylabones.

– Some bulldogs like chasing balls too, but be careful not to play too long so your doggie doesn’t overheat.

Keep Your English Bulldog Pup Happy

A content and delightful dog is a healthy pet. These strong willed animals hardly ever whine or complain, so it’s up to you to monitor your dog’s health and make sure everything is in check. With exercise, toys and quality lounging with his owner, your beautiful English will enjoy his life to the fullest!