How to Get Paid Writing TV Commercials Without a College Degree!

Many people associate professionals who work in the television industry as being on a pedestal that’s only shared by those who are glamorous, wealthy, beautiful, or at the very least – college educated with a degree that’s suitable for framing!

Unfortunately, this mindset deters a lot of very creative individuals from pursuing their dreams. And the truth is, there is an unlimited amount of opportunity in the television industry, especially in the field of creative writing.

I didn’t intentionally set out to write television commercials on a professional level. After all, I was a high school drop out who barely squeaked by with a GED. But like so many people, I dreamed of living the life of a creative artist while quietly working from 9 to 5 in a tiny office cubical.

I was employed at a large real estate corporation for several years as a paper pusher in the human resources department. But one particular day changed my life forever.

I was eating lunch in the break room – and one of the company Realtors happened to walk in, and looked extremely frustrated, distraught, and perplexed. So, naturally I asked what was wrong – and she proceeded to tell me how the deadline was drawing near to submit verbiage for the local cable station the office advertised on every week, featuring our showcase of homes available for sale. This Realtor only had two days left to submit a final proof, and hadn’t even managed to scribble out a rough draft! She then proceeded to asked me if I knew of anyone who was a good writer, and since I enjoyed writing as a hobby, I volunteered to write a 15 second spot on the cable station for a home she had listed. We negotiated a price, and I wrote the ad for her in less than fifteen minutes. My first ad went a little something like this:

“If you have more projects to finish than Martha Stewart, it’s a good thing this place has tons of storage room! … Take a look at this three bedroom, two bath, lake home which boasts two living areas, a billiard room, and walk in closets … There’s a huge deck in the back yard, great for summer barbeques! Entertain guests after dinner with cocktails reddit essay writing service on the balcony …Call today to find out why we call this home “The Affordable Lake Home Luxury.”

Needless to say, my first client LOVED the ad, and was so relieved when it was submitted before the deadline. I made a few extra bucks doing something I loved to do anyway. But I never thought about creative writing as a serious profession until another Realtor in our office approached to ask if I would write THEIR ad!

Word spread like wild fire that I was an excellent ad writer who charged a reasonable price. As a matter of fact, I acquired 10 new Realtors to write television commercials for the second month I started! I could plainly see I had a rapidly growing business on my hands, which was easy to market. I also realized how unlimited the opportunities in the creative writing field were – because there are over 10,000 Realtors in my city alone who not only needed television commercials written, but also, verbiage for flyers, brochures, and websites! But I decided stay with writing television commercials, because I’ll have to admit – it was really cool hearing commercials that I wrote enthusiastically announced over the television every Saturday morning.

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