High Tech Ceramic Crowns and Bridges

Being one of the best choices for those opting for crowns  ceramic jewelry tray and bridges, the high tech ceramic crowns and bridges also offer the best value for money. Being very strong and resistant to the wear and tear of the teeth, the high tech ceramic crowns and bridges have proven to be durable and aesthetically attractive. Since they have the remarkable capability of sustaining the chewing forces, the usage and application have testified to be highly convenient.

The metal free, all-ceramic bridges and crowns prove to be an outstanding option for those patients who are allergic to metals. The innovative and CAD/CAM technology that is being used in positioning these crowns and bridges on the teeth ensures consummate fit.

The Top 5 Ceramic Crowns and Bridges Materials

Cercon: Cercon has proven to be highly resistant to heat since it has already been used in space shuttles and brake discs of cars. The milled structure of this advanced ceramic, being composed of Zirconum-oxide offers optimum color match and astounding aesthetic appeal. The best part of this high tech high tech ceramic is that it is absolutely bio-compatible and does not cause any allergy. Being durable and stable, this continues to be the one of the top 5 high tech ceramic base for crowns and bridges.

Procera: Procera is a smart and advanced ceramic from Nobel Biocare. The durability, bio-compatibility, aesthetic appeal and good insulating properties of this system are second to none. Being metal free, it does not cause problems like gum withdrawal with time.

IPS E. MAX and IPS EMPRESS: Durability and aesthetic appeal are the cornerstones of this IPS E.MAX. The e-max Ceram emulates the natural enamel in appearance and hence they have proven to be the best choices when aesthetic appeal is one of the major criteria under consideration.

IPS Empress offers a natural feel and complete satisfaction to the patient. The astounding property of this all-ceramic solution is the fact that it fits consummately even if the available space is very limited.