Emergency Survival Tips – How to Survive in the Wilderness

A hike, romantic stroll or picnic in the wilderness can be a wonderful experience. It is highly relaxing and rejuvenating. There are plenty of places across the globe that offers super exciting options to escape the ennui and pressures of daily life. One of the best choices in this regard is the vast expanses of wilderness and backwoods.

However, most people do not understand that the further you tend to venture from civilization, the bigger the odds of getting lost! This relaxing expedition might turn into a turmoil and nightmare in the deep forest. Understand that there are increased risks of getting lost in the woods.

There are many stories of people getting lost in the wilderness. Luckily, some of these stories have happy endings. This is only possible if the you use wit and stay come and prepared for such a circumstance. It is extremely important to know what to do when you get lost in the wilderness. This will help you survive during the emergency and keep your family secure from various threats in the woods.

Here are some practical emergency survivor tips for prepper food you to survive in the wilderness, in case you get lost.

Helpful tips, how to survive in the wild?

Keep your calm

The worst thing you can do is panic when you find out you are lost in the wilderness. However, it is impossible to survive if you practice impatience and get anxious. You are your cool. Sip in some water and think of what to do. In case, you are with your friend, discuss what to do.

Send Signals with LED Flashlight

This is one of the best things to do in order to attract attention or call for help. There have been many stories where hikers traced and rescued with LED flashlight signals. The flashlight will also allow you to see in the dark.

Emergency Whistle

This is one of the most imperative items listed in the emergency survivor kits. These whistles give out a sharp sound and help attract attention.

Create Fire

You must start a fire using dry branches and woods. Cut green tree branches with survivor utility knife; throw them on the fire to crate easy to recognize smoke. Also use some fire friendly elements such as wood shavings, paper etc.

Build a shelter

This is important. You need to build it to save yourself from various threats commonly found in the woods. It can also attract help from a foreign source.

What not to do when lost in the wilderness

  • Do not panic
  • Do not exhaust all your resources at once
  • Act wisely when hungry or thirsty. You never know how long you need to stay in the woods
  • Do not trust strangers unless you are convinced
  • Do not eat berries unless you are hundred percent sure that they are not poisonous