Digha – Ideal Location to Enliven Yourself

If you are planning to take a short break from your monotonous life, Digha vacation will rejuvenate you with zeal and energy. It is the most preferred tourist destination of West Bengal, mainly for those who are on the outlook for a place to relax sometime with nature. Located on the shore of Bay of Bengal, this beach has gained immense popularity among the masses for its enthralling beauty.

The scenic beauty of this place is charismatic and enthralling. The beach is surrounded with casuarinas plantations throughout the coast strengthening its beauty. These trees help in reducing the chances of erosion of the dunes. One can enjoy watching sunrise and sunset.

Digha is considered to be one of the popular beach resort and perfect getaways for the people of Kolkata. There are several hotels, guest houses and resorts in Digha. It is divided in two beaches; New Digha and Old Digha.

Things to see –

– Udaipur Beach

– Mandarmani Beach

– Sankarpur Beach

– Tajpur Beach

– Talshari Beach

– Amarabati Park

– Science City

– Chandaneshwar Temple

– Aquarium House

– Mohana Fish Market

Digha is a place where the sea waves and the sand touching tajpur resort your feet prove to be just the perfect combination to put your mind and body at ease. It is also well known for the delicious food. The food stalls that are sprinkled all over the beach provides delicacies, and you should definitely give them a try. A long walk along the stretch of the beach is suggested to experience its serene beauty. Digha is well-known for its scenic natural beauty. The striking landscapes, charming beach makes Digha a perfect place to spend a romantic holiday.



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