Casino Royale Review – The Believable Bond

The new James Bond film, Casino Royale, staring Daniel Craig, is by far the best James Bond film ever made. The best?

Not necessarily in terms of special effects, spectacular climax scenes at the end of the film, or even action segments. It is the best, as it’s most believable, both in terms of the character himself, and the story.

Casino Royale is an action film for sure, but with some reality twists that almost let you believe it could have really happened.

The earlier Bond films were somehow too Hollywood, too fixed for convenient solutions, and left the viewer without any need to think.

There is no shortage for real action, and fight scenes that instead of being just choreographed, are planned out for realism.

Daniel Craig is not Sean Connery, but nevertheless, you meet with the events that formed James Bond into what he became and in this film, you can believe it.

The plot wherein Bond is assigned to play Texas Hold’em (a new form of high-stakes poker) is also very believable.

Bond errors in his technique, and loses a great deal of money to the film’s villain. However returns to play the game in the best way, and in a very realistic scene, he holds cards to create a Flush against the villains Full House.

Like all the other scenes, and story development, its very believable.

The gadgets are underplayed, and all Sony-based (Sony owns 카지노알본사 Colombia Pictures), but not as blatant “product placement” as it could have been.

The director and writers had some good mission here to make things natural and believable, and they succeeded for the most part.

The development as Bond as a lady killer is well thought out as well, with a UK Treasury official, naturally a beautiful girl, being put to look after Bond’s gambling stake.

She is played by Eva Green’, as Vesper Lynd, and is an a typical Bond girl.

She is definitely smart, witty, willful and not immediately set to join Bond in bed. Her role is also believable (although her death is not), but it becomes necessary so you can see the development of the unique Bond character.

Daniel Craig’s look fits exactly the role of what Bond is, a spy, killer, patriot, and professional in his work.

Other Bonds were famous actors, and played their part well, but were never totally believable. We think they have achieved a great degree of realism with Craig.

The villains are also quiet believable, as is their villainy.

Sponsors of terrorism, as a theme is quite topical and the actors chosen give you no doubt they could be capable of the task. It’s about big money and villainy, and there is enough evidence of it in this film as well.

The film runs 144 minutes, and although it is not packed as were other Bond films with explosions, chases, and fighting, there is not a dull moment.