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India is one of the most significant countries on the globe. The education system in India is having a huge demand due to the quality and systematic Education News education procedures we are pursuing. India’s education sector is emerging fast with sparking with regard to everyone Our education channel shares the strongest and it will begin with excellent training techniques with latest models like e-learning, skill enhancements business presentation, textbooks etc.

Education is a primary determinant of overall development in the emerging knowledge overall economy. To be more self-employed one must be well qualified and it is such important asset which permits you to lead a happy and successful life. Quality education is what we all desire and the success of a nation will depend on their citizens. Today Indian has one of the most powerful education systems. There is a slight switch in literacy rate but efforts are on to make that happen level.

Regardless of how good the above-mentioned information may sound, it can do make a point. This is credited to the fact that many seem to be to be having many misconceptions regarding the best education channels in India, and what it needs to focus on. As of this moment, it appears to be a method to obtain vast information, which will be not useful for the students when it comes to going away in the real world and performing.

Ben Network is one of the top most and credible online Hindi news portals in India. It started its bright journey in the year 2013, founded by Abhishek Sharad in the city of Kolkata. The idea of publishing this particular newspaper is to create awareness among people and what’s happening around them. According to the founder, all people should very much be aware of the latest news around them about politics, business, entertainment and sports. They can participate in the growth of the states and the country as you can also raise your voice to make your opinion heard.

In the very beginning, evening daily portal was for double page. With the span of time, the paper gained trust from readers. This helped expand the number of readers. This news portal is an online portal with lots of categories and colours, which are committed to providing you with nothing but the truth and real reports only to the crowd in India and people all over the world. This news portal is available online and is popular in the eastern states including West Bengal, Bihar and other states. Although popular in all the eastern states in India, the news portal is available on the internet as it has news from all over the world and from India. Bharath Ek Nazar is mostly an online edition.

The year 2004-5 was when the McKinsey report came, saying that only 25 per cent of Indian graduates are employable. That was the first shock to the Indian education system. The main problem at that time was lack of job skills. We were good in programming, coding etc but were found lacking in team work, management jobs and skills. Immediately, the institutions and industry took corrective steps by strengthening and reinforcing curriculum. Industries started campus connect programmes.

The immediate concern, of course, is jobs being lost or jobs not being created. But the bigger worry is the kind of skills expected in the next generation jobs. And, we are not ready. The jobs that are now being talked about are data analytics, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning etc. A lot of universities don’t have these courses. We anticipated this and started these courses. We have electives for our undergraduate students and have even started masters in some of these courses. We have masters in big data science, in cloud computing. We have identified technology jobs and given the right kind of mix to students. So, to an extent, we have insulated the gap between learning and careers. We need to have the right training leading to jobs, design and creativity in product designs in engineering. That’s what we need to do. We work with Srishti School of Design, Bangalore. We need to look at how we can involve more such schools for starting design programmes.

One is entry level, someone who is just out of college. Our own students join the faculty and sometimes teach for one or two years before they make up their minds about their future. To me, this is a tragedy. Our best students are satisfied with one university degree and at age 21 go and join a company they are lost to education forever. They are not pursuing their masters, not doing research and ceasing to be students. All they want is a good job. A good job means a well-paid job. Now, the ones who don’t get a job turn to teaching as a profession. In the medical post-graduation, for example, a part of the assessment is how well you teach. Pedagogy is an assessment in medical school and not anywhere else. So, by inclination, medical students come back into teaching.